Inspiration, Courage and Positive Attitude

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and reach your full potential!
I speak, write and coach about how to be successful at work and excel in your career. I especially encourage  women to be more  powerful and to believe in themselves. 
My book on female leadership Johtajanaiset (Women in Power) was published in October. In it six powerful Finnish woman executives tell their stories and reveal their secrets about how to succeed in a demanding work environment.
Contact me: anu@kuistiala.com 

I'm the former Editor-in-Chief for MTV News, Finland´s biggest commercial tv-station, with over 25 years of experience in media business. I've held various senior management and executive-level positions. I've also worked as the Moscow Correspondent for tv-news.

Now I work as an independent consultant. I do keynote speeches, various training sessions and also personal coaching.

I teach how to reclaim your power and to make a strong impression. I can show how to enhance your strengths and excel in your career.  I also give personal advice regarding how you can become more powerful and improve your self-esteem. 

I speak and coach on the following themes:

  • Communication skills for workplace success
  • How to excel in your career
  • The secrets of the women in power
  • How to free yourself of limiting beliefs 

My broad experience and in-depth knowledge will provide you with valuable information about how to succeed at work and reach your full potential. Start today; free yourself from limiting beliefs and live confidently!

Contact: anu@kuistiala.com 

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Photo: Henni Hyvärinen